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How to Get Instant XRP Loan on YouHodler

Some say Ripple is the perfect example of cryptocurrency’s evolution since Bitcoin. It’s a multi-faceted platform and currency that has some of the cheapest and fastest transactions around. There are many reasons to get behind this promising organization and it was an easy decision to include it on the YouHodler platform. So for those that don’t know, let’s introduce you to Ripple and how to get an instant XRP loan on YouHodler to earn XRP fiat and more.

What is Ripple and why should you get an XRP loan?

There are many reasons to HODL XRP and get an XRP loan but we’ll get to that later. First, let’s see what this platform and it’s native cryptocurrency are all about. As stated earlier, Ripple is both a platform and a cryptocurrency. The platform is an open source protocol which was created to allow for fast and affordable transactions. Unlike Bitcoin, which is nothing more than a payment method, Ripple’s goal is to disrupt the way we do international transactions (e.g. WesternUnion, MoneyGram, etc).

Ripple’s platform has it’s own currency (XRP) that represents the transfer of value across the Ripple Network. XRP is a “middleman” of sorts. When anyone wants to exchange USD to EUR for example, it will go through Ripple, which one has a transaction cost of $0.00001.

What are the Pros and Cons of Ripple?


  • Ripple has official cooperation and the trust of many banks.
  • All tokens are already mined and in existence. No inflation can occur.
  • As more banks use Ripple as their transaction platform, the higher the value. Meaning someday, your XRP loan could be worth much more cash than it is today.


  • Ripple is a highly centralized cryptocurrency. Ripple developers decide when to release tokens and how much they want to release.
  • Ripple Labs owns 61 percent of its coins.
  • Its open source nature opens it up to security concerns.

Why you should hold XRP and seek an XRP loan

Ripple has some controversy tied to it, but many consider it the future of cryptocurrency. Hence, it’s a very popular option for crypto HODLers. If you’re one of these people that believes in XRP, then head on over to YouHodler.com for an instant XRP loan. Users can receive up to 90% loan-to-value ratio on our platform with a wide variety of tariff options to choose from.

Whether you need quick cash, or just want a long term loan, YouHodler can help you get the most out of your XRP loan without having to sell any assets. Users can also convert their XRP to crypto, fiat (XRP to USD, XRP to EUR), and stablecoin on the platform and withdraw any fiat directly to a credit/debit card of their choice.

Earn XRP: How to Buy Ripple With Credit Card

For users that want to buy Ripple XRP with credit card or or buy ripple with debit card, YouHodler makes it easy. Simply sign up on the platform and verify your personal bank card (Visa or Mastercard accepted only). From there, deposit USD or EUR into your YouHodler wallet and convert that fiat to XRP.

To get your instant loan in XRP or any of our crypto options, visit YouHodler.com today.

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